Need some help completing your tutor profile with us? No problem!

There are several steps you will need to complete before submitting your profile to us. To help you, we have listed our Tutorfair Profile Checklist, along with helpful advice on completing each section.

Have you?
How to complete
Have you added all the subjects and levels you teach?

You only show up in the search results for subjects and levels you list. 

Is your pricing consistent with your experience? 

Prices vary on our platform as our tutors range from students earning a little pocket-money, to full-time professional education experts with decades of experience.

How much should you charge

Have you obtained 2 references? 

Testimonials from happy clients are the most persuasive part of a successful profile.

Have you added some resources?

 The resources you upload will feature in our Resource Centre which receives thousands of visits and will link directly to your profile.
Have you uploaded your most senior qualification certificate?

Once you have uploaded your relevant certificates and documentation, one of our team members will verify and you will receive a 'certificates checked' badge.

Have you optimised your personal statement? 

This is your time to shine and tell clients why you are the right tutor for them.