Your profile might have been unpublished because we’ve noticed that: either, you haven’t been active on your account; and/or, you haven’t been responding to messages from clients. 

At Tutorfair, in order to ensure our clients receive the best possible service, we like tutors to go live only when they’re actively looking for work. However, we do understand that you might not be available all the time, so we ask that you hide your profile when you are not able to respond to new enquiries. It is just one click to hide your profile at the top of your logged in home page. When hidden your profile will still be visible to any current clients but will not appear in search results for new clients. If you are hidden you can still send lessons and book them, and see and apply to opportunities. When you are ready to start selling again it is just one click to unhide.

To re-publish your profile, you will need to complete our application to go live, which will help provide a refresher of some of the tools and features we have available. There are many ways to build your tutoring business on Tutorfair. Head here for more about how to find clients.