As an online tutoring marketplace, we aim to advertise our tutor's profiles as much as possible. Similar to platforms such as Linkedin, profiles can be found via Google search results with the purpose to help tutors build their tutoring business.

Therefore, once you publish your profile with Tutorfair, we optimise tutor profiles and push them towards the top of Google search rankings. The more we can help advertise your profile, the more students we can reach and to help you book lessons. 

We have many in-house features to help optimise your Tutorfair profile such as setting a custom URL, you can find out more here.

I've deactivated my account but my profile is still appearing in Google searches 

Once you have deactivated your account, your profile will be removed from Google search results. Please note, Google can take a while to take pages down - sometimes a few weeks. Please be assured that your account has been deactivated and Google will remove this.

If it has been over a month since you deactivated your account with Tutorfair and your picture is still appearing in Google results, please contact and we will submit a request form to Google to take it down.