We recently implemented a new tool, allowing tutors signed up to Online Study Groups* to suggest and add sessions to existing Online Study Groups. 

This will appear on the right-hand side of your profile listed as ‘Online Study Groups’. 

When you click this tab it will take you to your Online Study Groups page which will look like this

Here you should be able to view which clients have joined. If you click “view” this will take you to the course page for that group.

Sending lessons to clients

Online Study Group lessons work a little differently to one-to-one lessons just because they have multiple lessons attached to them. Before you can suggest a lesson to the client to book, you will need to create a ‘session’ which will allow you to book a lesson with more than one client.

For any existing groups you can “Add session” which will take you to a page where you can manage your sessions. You can select from your existing pool of clients from the drop down menu to add them to the session. Make sure you click “Update” otherwise the changes will not be saved. Once saved this will then enable you to “message client” or “send lesson to book”. “Send lesson to book” is the equivalent of sending a suggested lesson to clients. 

After you have sent a lesson to the client it will update to show as “Lesson suggested”. You can view the lesson in your message thread with that client and they will be able to book and pay for the lesson as they would a normal session on Tutorfair. It will also then appear in your “Upcoming Sessions” in your Online Study Groups tab. 

Please note, you are not currently able to set up new groups so these actions are for current existing groups only. This is the next step of development and we will be working on building it this month. 

*We are currently in the process of onboarding tutors for Online Study Groups.  If you are interested in running group lessons and know you have clients interested in joining your groups please email: Hannah at support@tutorfair.com