Our recent pilot for group sessions has enabled us to problem- solve common issues tutors have encountered when running their Online Study Groups. 

We've provided some FAQ's to help troubleshoot common issues tutors might encounter: 

What should I do if a student is no longer able to make the lesson time but wishes to continue?

We would recommend trying to find a new time that is suitable for both yourself and the other students. If you only have 2 students for the group, it is best to try and rearrange a new time so we can continue running the group. If you have 3 or more students it is up to you as to whether you are able to try and re-organise this. We appreciate it can take a lot of administrative time and effort to organise new group arrangements. 

What are the refund terms?

We’ve sent out a cancellation policy for groups to all participating clients so far which you can view here. Similar to our 24 hour cancellation policy for 1:1 bookings, clients are not due to be refunded unless the tutor agrees otherwise - however, we have expanded this to 48 hours due to the admin required on group cancellations. 

What if I only have one student who wishes to continue?

First of all, please contact the office to check if we have any other clients we might be able to pair up to form a new group. If this is not possible, it might be worth suggesting 1:1 tuition to the client. It might be worth considering revising your price for the client as they will have been paying half of your normal rate but this is ultimately up to the tutor. We appreciate that not all tutors will wish to reduce their rate for clients. If you are unable to help, please pass the client on the office and we will try our best to find some alternative matches for them. 

What if a client contacts me on Tutorfair regarding groups?

If a client approaches you on Tutorfair, please do let us know. We do have several students waiting for tuition however, we do not have any groups to match them up with so the chances are we might be able to form a group.

If you have two or more clients that approach you that are of similar subject/ age range -we are more than happy for you to arrange and set up a lesson with these clients. You just need to let us know once this has been arranged and we can email through their invoices. 

How can I form more groups?

During COVID-19, we have generally seen that many clients seem to be looking for tuition at the rate of £20 and under which is why our groups have been a fantastic option for them. Going forward, it might be worth applying to lower price opportunities offering group tuition services. 

We will also be looking through the opportunities posted by clients and contacting ones we feel we might be able to help by offering group tuition.