Making a good first impression is key to building a good working relationship with both parents and students. However, introducing yourself online might feel impersonal and awkward at times. We’ve put together a handy template for you to use when you are introducing yourself to clients virtually. In your first email correspondence you should be looking to provide a brief section about yourself and your tutoring experience - ensure to make it relevant to the subject you are tutoring!



My name is NAME and I'm going to be running the group for *YEAR/ SUBJECT* as part of Tutorfair Online Study Groups. Before we get started I just wanted to introduce myself and ask you a few questions regarding the lesson content and structures.


I studied SUBJECT up to LEVEL and am currently *STUDYING/ WORKPLACE 

It would be useful to have an idea of the specification or content your child is studying. This way I can refresh myself on the content before lessons, and together, we can try and formulate a structure for the group going forward. I am also equally happy for you to send me a guide of what your child most needs help with if that is going to be more beneficial. I will try and help as much as I can!

The lesson will be taking place on *Bramble/Zoom/Skype* and I will be in touch on the day of the lesson to send through your link to access the classroom. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you and *child name soon!

Hope you're all well and safe.

Best wishes,