What is an invoicing account?

An invoicing account is a type of client account that pays via monthly invoice, rather than in the usual way (which is online through the website via bank card of Paypal). An invoicing account will most often be a school or a company that can't pay using Tutorfair's normal payment method. Clients who are invoiced will be marked with "(Invoicing account)" next to their name in your messages.

How do I add my hours?

If you agree to do lessons with an invoicing account, they will need to add you to their account. They can do this from their messages, or they may get in touch with us in the Tutorfair office and we can add you on their behalf. 

Once this has been done, you can begin adding your hours.

If you go to your 'Availability' page, you should see that when creating a new time slot you now have two options: 'Private tutoring' or '[the name of your school/company]'. If you don't see these options, please try logging out and logging back in again.

Please enter each hour as you teach it by creating new time slots in the 'Availability' page. These lessons will then be sent to your school/company contact, and if you visit your 'Bookings' page they'll show up under 'Reserved'.

Your school/company contact will then need to generate an invoice (the lessons will disappear from your 'Reserved' section) and pay us. 

When will I be paid?

Once we've received payment and completed the invoice, your lessons will reappear in the 'Complete' section of your Bookings page and you'll be paid on a Friday by direct bank transfer. Because these lessons are invoiced, they are paid in arrears (rather than in advance) and most schools/companies will pay invoices monthly. We follow up with invoicing accounts if they haven't paid, and pay you on the Friday of the week we receive the payment.