Here on Tutorfair we have 5 ways to find clients.

1. Set up your Tutorfair profile

When you go live on Tutorfair, clients will be to find your profile in search results when they search for tutors! Make sure you have all the subjects and subject-levels that you can teach on your profile to maximise the number of search results you appear in. 

Clients will be able to view your profile and contact you directly through Tutorfair. 

2. Apply for opportunities

Clients can post 'requests' for tutors, which show up in the 'Opportunities' section of your profile. 

You can apply for these opportunities and directly message clients. The opportunities that appear in your account are tailored to your subject and location preferences, so make sure you keep these updated! You can also opt in to daily opportunities digest emails by going to 'edit account' and modifying your notification preferences. 

3. Refer and get referred

If a tutor can't help a client, they can refer another tutor. This means that another tutor on Tutorfair can recommend and refer your tutoring profile to a client.

You can also earn referral commission by doing this so have a look at tutors in your area who teach your subject so that you are ready to recommend someone if you can't help a client! 

4. Share your knowledge

Demonstrate your subject expertise and knowledge by uploading a resource to our Resource Centre! 

These resources appear in Google search results and link directly to your profile, so students who are using the Tutorfair Resource Centre will be able to visit your profile and contact you.

Resources can be anything that may help a student - revision guides, sample essays, mock exams, quiz cards just to name a few! Some of our existing resources have thousands of hits, so it's a great way to get profile views and messages from students who aren't on Tutorfair yet.

5. DIY marketing

You can share your Tutorfair profile both online and in-person! 

You can create a Custom URL which you can share to your social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter) - you can earn some referral commission if a client books a lesson with you this way.

You can also download a Custom Flyer which you can print out and post in local public spaces (e.g. libraries, cafes).