How do I improve my profile?

1. A great photo

Nothing creates a better first impression than a high quality photo. Let’s face it, we don’t all look like George Clooney or Penelope Cruz, but we all possess a genuine smile and a unique soul - let that shine through by spending a few extra minutes choosing the right photo for you.

2. A short catchy headline

Use a short, descriptive headline stating your best traits and what you can do for students. Or use a series of words which former students and parents have used to describe you. Avoid putting subjects in your headline, these are already listed elsewhere on your profile.

3. Write a great personal statement

This is your time to shine and there’s no (word) limit to the brightness you can bring to your profile here. What makes you a great tutor? Give students and parents a sense of who you are. What experience do you have and what’s your teaching style? If you have results to prove your success share it here and watch the enquires roll in.

4. Pricing 'sweet spot'

OK so we’ve crunched the numbers across thousands bookings and the results are in - the ‘sweet spot’ for getting the most bookings is between £25-35 p/hr. The London average is £24 p/hr, so our tutors are doing a wonderful job standing out from the pack. If you’ve already added lessons at a certain price which you’d like to adjust, delete those lessons, change your price (by editing your profile) and create new lesson.

5. More reviews

In today’s consumer-centric world, social proof is the new marketing. And there’s no better social proof then references and reviews from customers. So if you want more bookings reach out to your network and start requesting references, the more the merrier. Your efforts will be rewarded.