Leave a review/reference 

References on Tutorfair are used to verify previous experience or education which appears on the tutor's profile. Leaving a reference on a tutor's profile is discretionary, although it would greatly benefit the tutor! 

These can be left by previous clients, past employer, university professor or colleagues.

In your reference request email you should receive a link to a page that looks like this: 

Reference headline

For reference headline you can simply write a short summarising sentence from your reference or just "Reference: Tutor name". 

Please do not leave the tutor's full name in the headline or reference as we only share the tutor's first name and initial surname for security purposes.

Subject Taught

If you are a previous client or professor, you should select the topic the tutor taught/ you taught. 

If you are a previous employer or colleague, you can simply put the subject the tutor is offering on their profile.


If you are a past client this is an excellent chance to let perspective tutor's know why they should book the tutor.

If you are past employer, university professor or colleague, these references should make it clear that you didn't receive tuition from the tutor but should highlight relevant characteristics and experience. Examples including mentoring, working with children, teaching someone a skill or their academic ability.

If you are a previous client, the outcome should hopefully be straightforward. 

For all other referee's, you can simply put N/A (apologies, if this is unclear at the moment!)

You can also take a look at these tutors’ reviews that were not for their tutoring: Tarek CGeorge S and Sam F.