Any tutor who has completed a pilot session with us will have their accounts activated to do lessons in the online classroom. If you have not done a pilot session with us but want to use the online classroom, please contact us at

Tutors who are activated for the online classroom can enter the online classroom by clicking the "Classroom" button next to the relevant lesson in their "Bookings" page.
When you enter the classroom, you will be shown camera and microphone options, where you can complete a video and audio test.

The classroom has lots of features, including collaboration tools, video uploader and screen share. 

First of all, you will need to give your student access to collaborate on the board. You can access this on the top left hand side under board 1. 

From here you can also choose how to save any boards from your classroom.

Once enabled, to access drawing tools, you can head to the toolbar on the left hand side:

  • Pointer 1 - this will show up on the whiteboard as your mouse
  • Pencil - this will allow you to draw on the whiteboard. 
  • Line tool - draw straight lines on the whiteboard
  • Shapes tool - draw shapes onto the whiteboard
  • Eraser - erase things that you’ve drawn on the whiteboard
  • Text - create a text box which you can type in

From here you can also access:  

  • LaTeX equation editor - create and display complex LaTeX mathematical equations inside the whiteboard 
  • Wolfram Alpha - a knowledge engine which gives you access to facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics
  • Report an issue - if there are any issues with the software, you can report this to the developers here

Video tools can be accessed at the bottom of the page

You can upload files by using the sign on the bottom right hand corner

  • Poll: ask a question using the poll, and all other users in the classroom can vote on an answer!
  • Document uploader: upload word documents, powerpoints, spreadsheets - these will be uploaded onto the classroom’s whiteboard space, and using the whiteboard tools you can draw on the document
  • Video: upload a video from your computer, or embed a Youtube URL to share/watch a video in the classroom
  • Image uploader: upload images, photos or PDFs that will be uploaded onto the classroom’s whiteboard space

Additional features can be found in the top right hand corner: 

  • Screenshare: share your screen with your student! You will need to install the screensharing tool as an Add-on - you can find instructions here.
  • Breakroom: this is designed for longer class sessions. Your student can enter the “Breakroom” if you would like to pause the session without leaving the classroom
  • Full-screen: make the classroom full-screen
  • Leave room: exit the classroom

Chat-box - The right-hand side of the whiteboard also has an instant messaging box, where tutors and students can communicate through instant messages. You can send files using this feature, and save the chat transcript at the end of the lesson (by clicking the download symbol next to the word "Chat")

Once you have completed your session, you will be asked to provide feedback for the team: 

If you are a tutor and would like to use the online classroom for lessons, please get in touch with us in the Tutorfair office!