Getting lots of people to see your Tutorfair profile is a sure way to get yourself more enquiries, and more work!

By listing Tutorfair on your LinkedIn profile, anyone who sees you on LinkedIn can easily see your credentials on Tutorfair.


What's more, you'll get rewarded for every purchase they make on Tutorfair!


Let's run through how to do this now


1. Set your Custom URL
Log in to Tutorfair. Head to "Share your profile" and create a magic link for your profile
2. Add "Tutorfair" on LinkedIn
Log in to LinkedIn. Under "Experience" add Tutorfair and fill out a description.
3. Add media
In the Tutorfair section, click the Link button. Type in your custom URL.
4. Edit the description text
Write something friendly which encourages people to see your profile

People who are then on your LinkedIn can easily find a way to message and book you on Tutorfair plus, if they go onto book, you'll get a percentage of everything they spend on the site!

For more tips on how to share your profile, read this article