It's not just enquiries and opportunities how clients can find you. The best tutors are actively directing people not on Tutorfair to their profile

A detailed description, verified references and reviews and documents authenticated by the team, means someone searching for a tutor can look at your profile and see all relevant information to them, plus be persuaded to send you a message about tutoring.

What you should do

When you sign up, you are automatically assigned a link which people can type in to see your profile. It's typically something like:

which is not very memorable...

So make your own magic* link to your to your profile. Something like:

Much easier to remember, right?

How to start sharing your profile

With this magic link to your Tutorfair profile, it then becomes so much easier to get more people looking at your profile, sending you enquiries, and getting you more work.

The job then becomes thinking of ways that you can get your profile seen by more and more people!

Here's how some of our tutors have already got work by sharing their profile:

Link from your LinkedIn

This is what Matthew G does, so everyone on his LinkedIn can see his work on Tutorfair

earn money by sharing your tutor profile 

Read this article for how to link your profile too


Send a Tweet/Facebook post/email

Super-simple to do from the "Share your profile" page, and it's amazing how often "someone knows someone" who is looking for a tutor. 


earn money by sharing your tutor profile2

Advertise using a flyer

Placing an advert in a local shop is a tried and tested way to get more work. 

Create your own flyer from the Custom flyer section of your Tutorfair homepage and start getting more enquiries!

Also read this blog post by Mark B on why he does this.

Add it to your email signature

That's what Eve B does. Any time someone receives an email from her, they can check out what she's doing on Tutorfair.

Sending it to existing students

This is what Hassan K did, sharing his link with his four students, all of whom have gone on to continue booking lessons with him on Tutorfair 

Now he gets 9% extra on top of the amount he's set to earn. 

What to do now

The possibilities with this are endless, and it all begins with setting up your magic link on Tutorfair.

Log in now, and click on the Share your profile button to set your URL.

earn money by sharing your tutor profile3 

Read the instructions, and the tips for how to pick a good one, and you're good to go!

Start sharing!

It's then a case of following some of the ideas we've suggested, and even coming up with your own creative ways of sharing your profile to get more tutoring work!

We love hearing the stories of how you do this, so tell us via Twitter or Facebook how you get on :)


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* Why is it magic? Well, you can earn extra money from anyone who books a lesson with you after clicking on your link. Read more here.