Some tutors go the extra mile to support clients: referring another tutor if they can't do the work themselves; introducing new clients to Tutorfair; even bringing their own existing clients onto the site!

To reward you for all your hard work, we offer commission on these bookings. Here's how it works:

referal commission infographic

Introductions: 3% commission

Recommend Tutorfair to a client who hasn't registered with us, and you'll get 3% of every lesson booked for the first 12 months.

Here's an example:

Last week I met a lady called Cinder E who wants ballroom dancing lessons, and I'm sure she would find the perfect tutor on Tutorfair. Like a helpful fairy godmother, I sent my custom URL link to Cinder, I'll earn 3% of everything she spends on Tutorfair in her first year.

You can create your custom URL in your home page if you click 'share my profile' in the sidebar

Well that was easy. But wait, there's more...

Referrals: 6% commission

Whenever I get a message on Tutorfair from a student I can’t teach, I can simply refer that client to another tutor. If the client books a tutor I recommend, I'll earn 6% of everything spent in the first 12 months.


Snow W has sent me a message on Tutorfair asking for cooking lessons, but sadly I have no free time. Luckily, I'm kind of a big deal in the cooking scene and I know a few people who would be able to help. I respond to Snow W using the 'refer another tutor' button to recommend a few tutors I know. If Snow W books any of the tutors I recommended, I'll learn 6% of the price of the first 12 months of lessons between the two of them.

I heard you could earn 9% commission through Tutorfair referrals?

You heard right!

Remember Cinder E? If I wanted to be super-helpful, I could have spent some time on Tutorfair researching dance tutors in her postcode who have some availability. From any tutor's profile, I can click the 'refer' button and fill in Cinder's email address - even though she's not yet signed up to Tutorfair.

I'll earn 3% of everything Cinder spends on Tutorfair, plus 6% of everything she spends on any of the tutors I recommended = 9% (of what the customer has paid -VAT + social) of all lessons booked by Cinder with a tutor I personally referred her to (for the first 12 months only). 

Can I recommend myself?

Absolutely! (In case this sounds a little narcissistic: tutors do this as a way of bringing their existing clients onto Tutorfair and taking advantage of everything we offer).


Peter P has been booking lessons with me for months. I love working with him and I definitely want to continue, but there are one or two challenges. Filing my accounts is a nightmare with cash payments; and just between you and me, Peter can be a little unreliable when it comes to last-minute cancellations - it's not unknown for me to arrive at his house and discover he's forgotten to tell me he's in Neverland this week, and I feel awkward demanding payment for missed lessons like these. Also, he keeps trying to pay me in fairy dust...

I can either use my custom URL, or I can use the big blue 'refer' button on my own profile. I email the link to Peter, with a nice note telling him I'm moving all my bookings to Tutorfair from now on. I will get 9% of every lesson Peter books with me (on top of the normal payment I get for Tutorfair lessons). As well as making my life easier, this will boost my Tutorfair ranking and support the Tutorfair Foundation charity. Not only that...

...I'll also get 3% of anything Peter P spends on any other Tutorfair tutor in his first year!