Tutoring is an industry where individual referrals have always played an important role as a personal recommendation goes a long way.


Unlike other tutoring websites or organisations, Tutorfair has this as a big part of our site!

What's more, you can earn money from the Tutorfair Referral Scheme (read this for how)

For now though, let's go through some scenarios where you will be wanting to think about how you can use referrals to your advantage.


Scenario 1: You can’t help a client

Sometimes a client will contact you, and you won't be able to help. Rather than seeing this as a bad thing, you can turn it to your advantage by matching them up with a tutor that you know on Tutorfair!

From your message thread do the following things:


Click the "refer to another tutor" button

Start typing and select the tutor's name
Add a personal message and send!


Check how it's going:

You referral dashboard displays the status of each referral that you make. You can always follow up to see how they are getting on, if they need more help, or another referral.


You may want to message the tutor beforehand (you can do this from the tutor's profile) to see if they are able to help this client.


TOP TIP: referring the same tutor a lot? Add them to your Shortlist to easily refer


Scenario 2: Someone you know is looking for a tutor

Lots of people are looking for tutoring these days. Any time someone mentions that they/ their next door neighbour/ their next door neighbour's dentist is trying to find a tutor - your ears should prick up!

You can earn money by finding them a tutor on Tutorfair simply by knowing what sort of tutor they would like, where they are based, and what there email address is.

Follow these steps for what to do:


Find tutor profile(s) of tutors they might like 

Click refer on the profile, enter their email address(es) and send!


Your friend/ their next door neighbour/ their next door neighbour's dentist will then get an email with a link to these tutors and if/when they go on to book lessons, you'll start earning!


This is what tutors like Gorkem C do for numerous clients, and as such gets additional income just by pairing them up with tutors!


Scenario 3: Refer yourself!

This is a great way to boost your earnings on Tutorfair.

By inviting your clients who don't currently use Tutorfair onto site, you can earn an additional 9% to the amount you specified you want to earn.

Having more lessons going through Tutorfair will improve your ranking on the site (total number of hours is one of the things we track), as well as save you time and effort keeping track of the related admin.

Follow the same steps as above to send your profile to your client and get them on board!


TOP TIP: you can also earn 9% by sharing your custom URL with clients/ on social media/ in local supermarkets. See "share my profile" and "custom flyer" when you log in for more details.


How much can you earn?

Remember, you'll get 9% of everything that someone you refer spends on a tutor that you recommend, just for making the pairing.

If a client books a tutor who is £30/hr for 10 hours, you'll earn >£25 just from that one message!

Some of our most successful referrers are earning hundreds of pounds by bringing pairing up tutors on Tutorfair with people they know looking for tutors.

TOP TIP: get to know more tutors to refer (and get referred by!) by coming along to Tutorfair social events