Tutors on Tutorfair can now sync their Tutorfair calendar with popular calendar apps. 

Step 1: Login to Tutorfair and head to the 'Availability' section of your account
Step 2: Find and click the calendar icon and link to 'Sync Calendar'. It's underneath the bottom right hand corner of the calendar
Step 3: Copy the link shown in the overlay
Step 4: Choose the relevant article from the options of popular calendars below for instructions on where to paste the link

Instructions for syncing your Tutorfair calendar with a few popular calendar apps: 

Google Calendar
Follow this link: Add someone else's calendar and head to the section called "Add using a link"

Apple Calendar for Mac
Follow this link: Subscribe to calendars

Apple iCloud
Follow this link:  iCloud calendar subscriptions

Yahoo! Mail
Follow this link: Follow other calendars in Yahoo Mail

Outlook Web App
Follow this link: Add an Internet calendar

Follow this link: Subscribe to a calendar
 in Outlook.com or Outlook on the web