We asked our top tutors for their tips on organising residential tutoring stays with families.  Below is their advice. Please note that this is not official Tutorfair policy.

Usually tutors should not be expected to pay for any living expenses whilst there, so food and accommodation should be provided. Flights and all transport should be paid by the family. If the tutor is expected to pay for anything out of pocket they should ok this with the family and get a receipt or agree on what they're paid. The family are not expected to pay any extra things like drinks, excursions etc but they may choose to include the tutor in those at their own discretion. 

Usually the minimum rate is four hours paid tuition a day for all days that the tutor is away, even if there is no or less tutoring happening on those days. This is because the tutor cannot accept any other work whilst away. Of course, the family may negotiate that the tutor has weekends off (unpaid or at a reduced rate) for longer periods - but the tutor should be provided transport to a nearby town if they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Again, this can be negotiated but goes along with the tutor not having to be out of pocket because of where they are. In some cases an agreed day rate can be negotiated but for every hour above the recommended 4 hours the tutor is paid at their basic rate for each hour. This should be made clear to the family and agreed. 

It is recommended that at the start of the trip the family and tutor agree a basic timetable. This is good for the tutor and also children too so they all know when they're working. If the family change the timetable and the tutor is working less hours they should still be paid their day rate for being away from home.

The tutor should be given their own space and separate room (unless negotiated otherwise) and if they are not being paid for additional hours they should not be expected to nanny, babysit or clean. However, they may offer to help out but it should never be expected unless agreed before the trip. 

Cancellation is the full cost of the trip if cancelled less than 2 weeks before the trip (1 week if the trip itself is less than a week long). Changes to hours or pay must be negotiated ahead of time, more than 2 weeks before.