We've found that the most convenient ways to arrange, and book lessons is through the suggest lesson function in your message threads. 

In a couple of clicks, a client can put a lesson in their basket, and then go and pay.

Here's a step by step of how you can do it


1. Receive message from client

How do tutors suggest a lesson


2. Click the "suggest lesson" button

You then have two options for which lesson to suggest to the client. 

Existing lessons in your calendar

Simply click on one of the time slots below

How do tutors suggest a lesson2


Create a new lesson

You can a new lesson for your client that isn't currently in your calendar, like below (the minimum price for a lesson is £2.00).

How do tutors suggest a lesson3


3. Select, and send in message

Once you've picked, or created a lesson, it will be added to your message, like below.

When you're happy, click send

How do tutors suggest a lesson4


4. Client adds lesson to their basket

When the client receives the message, they can then head straight to checkout, or choose to add more lessons if they'd like.  Nice and simple!

How do tutors suggest a lesson5