Our data shows that some tutors are better at turning messages into paid lessons than others. We undertook some analysis, and will share with you the best practices that these tutors have done.

If you want more bookings - take note!


Reply quickly

Responding quickly to your messages on Tutorfair increases chances of getting a booking. This is because clients often contact several tutors during their search, and those who respond first are most likely to be booked

Staying logged in on your phone

When you receive a new message, you will also be sent an SMS notification with a link directly to the message thread with your client. If you log into Tutorfair from your mobile browser, then clicking on this link will mean you can reply even quicker. So log in now!


Ask for relevant information

Check that you know the subject, level, and exam board of the student as part of your messaging. It's good practice to find this out upfront, if the client has not mentioned it.


Confirm where and when

In order to progress the conversation, be sure to start suggesting where and when the tutoring might take place. 


Suggest Lessons

This is the most important factor. Using the "suggest lesson" feature makes it easier for clients to book a lesson with you, as they only need to click "book" to purchase a lesson with you

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