There will some instances where you might want to offer a rate to a client that is different to your headline price. For example, you may have agreed a discounted rate for a specific client or you are looking to charge extra for an individual lesson due to subject level.


There are two ways you can amend your lesson price without changing the advertised rate on your profile.

Change the rate of an individual lesson 

This is a great option if you are looking to amend a lesson as a one-off


1. Head to "suggest a lesson"

Head to your messages and select the client you'd like to suggest a lesson to. Then use the "Suggest a lesson" button, this will enable you to bring up your existing lessons (from your calendar) or suggest a new lesson which will be priced at your headline rate.


Once you've chosen or created the new time slot, click save to add it to the message thread.


2. Change rate


The lesson now appears as normal, however if you need to amend the price, you can do so be clicking the "change rate" button, and then saving the new amount that the client pay


3. Send message

Once you save, and type up your message, you can send it off as normal for your client to book.


Set a custom rate for your client  

This is a great option if you are looking to amend a clients lessons for the foreseeable future

If you want a client to pay the same price every time, you can save a "Custom Price" by using the tool on the left hand menu. 

This means that whenever that specific client books a lesson or looks at your profile they'll see the new price!