When you first sign up to Tutorfair (or if you've slipped in the search results) you might only be able to apply to 3 opportunities every 7 days - so make sure that you apply to the ones best suited to your skills.

As you move up the search ranking you'll be able to apply to unlimited opportunities. There are lots of things you can do to move up but the most important is getting repeat bookings. Therefore, it might be worth looking at your profile and thinking about how you can make yourself stand out. 

The most common improvements people need to make are:

  1. Write more in your personal statement - parents want to be able to see that you're going to be really invested in their child. Have a look at other tutors in your area and see if you can steal any good ideas!
  2.  List your school and University grades - this gives a full picture of your academic qualifications and helps clients to choose the right person for their child
  3. Reviews/references - parents want to know that other parents have used you before and think you're great. You can ask past clients/University tutors/friends/family to leave professional or character references by clicking "request reference"
  4. Get verified - attend one of our fast track events to verify your profile. Please email support@tutorfair.com to find out what is required and when the team will be holding the next verification event

You can find out more helpful tips by visiting your dashboard.  If you're still not sure how you can improve your profile, contact the Tutorfair office at support@tutorfair.com and we can take a look together!