At Tutorfair the order in which tutors appear in search results is at the heart of making sure that clients get the best possible tutor.

As a tutor there are various factors that will influence where you appear in search results.


Guiding principles

We are ultimately aiming to show clients the best available tutors in their local area for the subject they search.

The best way for us to see this is that clients are delighted with your tutoring. The more you sell through the site, and the more clients like the work you do, the better. If several clients have booked you only once or a few times, then this will be reflected in where you appear.

To counter the fact that this favours tutors who have already been on the site for a while, we give new starters a fair chance, by giving them a boost until they've begun to prove how well they do as a tutor.

Responsiveness is another important element. Regularly being active on the site, updating your calendar and replying quickly to messages you are sent will also keep you near the top. 

There are also other factors, such as how many clients you bring to the site, getting references/ reviews, and posting resources.


Here is a little more detail about how the search results are made up:


1. The information you give us

Your subjects + level and where you'll travel

Clients at Tutorfair are always looking for a tutor in a specific subject and location. Because of this, our search results match a client and tutor on the similarity between the client's search request and the subjects and locations stored in a tutor's profile. The closer the match the higher you will be!

Remember: you will only show in searches for the locations and subjects + levels you set!


Your availability

Delivering a tutor that is available to teach, is vital when matching a client and tutor and, as a result, it's a major influence on how tutors are ranked.

Having at least a few slots each week will indicate to clients that you are available to be booked, plus make it easier for them to book lessons with you.

It's neither desirable, nor easy to maintain a calendar completely full of lessons that can be bought, so reflect this as much as possible.


Your profile

When you first start, all we have is the information you give us. Based on how you fill out your profile, we can compare you with other successful tutors on the site.


2. Whether clients are happy with your tutoring

The most important factors relating to a tutor’s behaviour that we take into account is evidence that you are a good tutor.


Repeat bookings

The service that tutors deliver to clients at Tutorfair is at the core of our search results.

Because every single lesson is booked through the site we promote tutors who have clearly delighted clients with lots of lessons and hours. If we see a pattern of short, or irregular assignments, we will investigate, and the tutor may be likely to be pushed down search results.


Reviews and references

Having feedback from clients both on Tutorfair (reviews) and from outside (references) is a great way to demonstrate trust on your profile. As this is something clients really care about, those tutors who have proven that clients are pleased with their work will appear higher.



3. The way you interact with clients 


Speed of response

Service and professionalism are other things that Tutorfair values highly. When a client sends an initial message to a tutor, the amount of time the tutor takes to respond is called the response time.

If a tutor takes ages to respond then they will more likely to appear lower in the search results. If a tutor is however prompt to respond then they are likely to appear higher in the search results. As a guide a response time of under 4 hours is good.


Being helpful

You may not be able to help every client who contacts you, which is OK. We do, however, consider things such as how helpful you are when this happens.

Do you refer them to another tutor? Or hand over to the office, rather than doing nothing? Doing so will reflect well for your ranking.


Have we verified you?

Tutors looking to further promote themselves on the site should get verified. This involves authenticating your latest criminal record check/ DBS (which must be registered on the update service), your education certificates, meeting the team (online or in person) at one of our Fast Track events and ensuring you have at least two references.

Tutors who we haven't yet verified, can still appear higher than one who has but, by and large, verified tutors will be nearer the top.

To become a verified tutor and improve your ranking email