We are very strict about security. Before going live on the Tutorfair website, you will need to confirm your email address, mobile phone and pass an online identity check.

To pass the online identity check, you'll need to take a picture of your official ID (e.g. passport, drivers licence, identity card) using your webcam and also scan your face in order for us to match your face to your ID.

If you do not have a webcam, you can email support@tutorfair.com to arrange an identity check.

How the online identity check works

In order to verify your identity we use a piece of software that matches images of your ID and your face. This is done through the "Apply to go live" section when you log in, and is necessary for you to have your profile published on Tutorfair.

First, you take an image of your ID (passport, driving licence or identity card) which it authenticates to ensure it isn't fraudulent.


Next, you take a picture of your face.


The technology then matches the images, and verifies your identity.

Here is an example. Please note I have redacted my personal details for security reasons but you must not do this when uploading your ID!


Most common problems

1.  You've not uploaded a clear, flat picture of the ID - the computer program needs to be able to read all of the information on your ID before it verifies it. If your picture is blurry or there is information/corners missing it won't be accepted!


2. You've not uploaded a picture of the ID and a picture of your face. Sometimes people think we use your profile picture for verification. This is not the case! Please upload two pictures.

3. There is no match between your ID and your face.  This is often because the image quality is too low/you're in a dark room/not facing the camera/wearing glasses that you're not wearing on the ID/have different facial hair.  If you look really different in your ID picture try a different ID.  If that still doesn't work please email support@tutorfair.com


4. The Picture you've uploaded between your ID and you face is exactly the same!  If you've uploaded the same passport photo as the one used on your ID the computer finds a "perfect match" and rejects!


Can I email you copies of my documents?

If you're having problems then yes of course you can send them to us however documents need to be verified by the software and matched against your face so when you send them to us do make sure you've follow the rules above.

Can we do a check over Skype?

The technology we use not only checks the 'face match', but also authenticates the document. This is not something we can do over Skype, so unfortunately not.

So what now?  **TOP TIP - USE A MOBILE DEVICE**

This process is dependent on taking good quality images of your ID and face.

In our experience this is best achieved by logging onto Tutorfair on your phone/ iPad/ tablet and going through the Apply to go live here.

If you're having trouble, or have not yet tried, we recommend having another go as sometimes there may be a glitch, or your webcam might be a little dusty etc.

What's another option?

If none of the above work, then please email: support@tutorfair.com - our office hours are 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri and one of our support team members will be happy to help!