Right now Tutorfair can only accept UK phone numbers in our system. So if you are outside of the UK, we won't be able to work together right now :(

If you do have a UK phone number, then this is how the process is likely to work.

1. Click verify by SMS

Head to the Apply to go live page, found by hovering on your name in the top right of the page, and clicking my home -> apply to go live

On the page, you should see the Mobile section



2. Enter the 4 digit code that is sent to your phone

It should appear in a matter of seconds. When it does, simply type in the numbers in the box on screen.

Please be patient - if it does not arrive wait a few minutes and try again

If it still doesn't arrive, then something is wrong*.


3. Phone is verified!

A symbol like below should appear


* If something is wrong, then please contact support@tutorfair.com with the subject title: <Your Name> Mobile Verification Error