Communication between clients and tutors is done through the Tutorfair messaging system.

Once you have found a tutor, or tutors, who you would like to contact, then send them a message through the message box at the bottom of their profile.

It looks like this:

tips when messaging a tutor 1 

This can also be found by clicking the "message" button in the sidebar, like so:


tips when messaging a tutor 2



What to include?

This is the first contact you'll be making with someone who you could go on to have a long-lasting relationship with, so be sure to be friendly and polite!

In order to get the best response, be sure to include as much relevant information in the message as possible.

Tutors will want to know:

  • Who you are: age of student/ school attending
  • What subject/ level you would like tutoring for
  • Where you are based/ where you would like the tutoring to take place
  • When you were thinking tutoring could take place, and for how long


Also - don't be afraid to say what you like about them!


tips when messaging a tutor 3


Before you click send...

Copy the message text, so that you can easily use it to send a similar message to other tutors who interest you.

We find that clients are much more successful in finding a great tutor when they contact more than one.



Getting a reply

When you send your message, the tutor will receive an SMS notification, and an email informing them of your message.

They will then reply to you, using the Tutorfair messaging system.

When they do that, you will receive an email saying "New message from <tutor>"


IMPORTANT: reply via the Tutorfair system, rather than the email

In the email you get, click on the blue button and send your reply by logging into Tutorfair.


tips when messaging a tutor 4


TIP: if you remain logged in to Tutorfair, then this will take you right through to the message



Responding in your message thread

You then just need to type in your response, and click "send" to continue the conversation.

tips when messaging a tutor 5 

It's as easy as that!