Choosing a tutor

You've used our search bar and filters to find suitable tutors and hopefully you've now got a long list of tutors matching your requirements - but how do you choose?

From the search results, you can see:


  • Price
  • Hours taught (through Tutorfair, at least)
  • Response time
  • Distance from you
  • Badges: these tell you if the tutor is a qualified teacher, went to a high-ranking university, has volunteered with the Tutorfair Foundation - and more

To filter your search results to your specific needs, you should use the Filter results tool on the left-hand side.

This allows you to specify your budget, whether you want them to be a Verified tutor (they have met with a Tutorfair team member and verified their documents either online or in-person), how far from you they are based, and other details that will refine the results to show only the perfect tutors for you. 

You probably want to know a bit more though, don't you?



View a tutor's profile

We recommend looking at:


  • Reviews - particularly reviews matching your subject
  • Education - it's usually a good idea for tutors to have studied a subject to at least one level beyond what they teach - so, for instance, if you're looking for a Maths GCSE tutor, you might want to choose one who has studied Maths to A Level or beyond.
  • Past experience - as well as the Tutorfair hours badge, established tutors will normally describe past experience (including outside Tutorfair) in their profile text
  • Calendar - the tutor's calendar gives some idea of available times. But: don't give up if you don't see the time you want (the tutor might be able to fit you in); and don't assume because a time is listed that the tutor can definitely offer it to you (you might live 45 minutes from the tutor's previous assignment). If you want to book a tutor, it's always best to get in touch first.

Making a Shortlist

If you like, you can click on the star on their profile picture and you'll be able to find that tutor again easily. (To use this feature, you'll need to be registered with Tutorfair and logged in to your account).