Once you've searched and found a great tutor you can contact them directly, on the website, with Tutorfair's message system.

Firstly, click 'message' on the right-hand side of a tutor's profile, and you'll be taken to the message box (you can also just scroll down to this box). 


In your message, make sure you include the subject, age of student, suitable times and where you live.


 If you haven't yet registered on Tutorfair: you'll be prompted to enter your email address twice to confirm it before you click 'send'. This will create a Tutorfair account for you and send an auto-generated password to the email address you provide. This is important: you'll need it to read and answer any replies to your message!


...and hey presto!

Tutors will receive an email and a text message alerting them to your message, so we expect tutors to reply promptly (at the latest within 24hrs) and we will chase up any who fail to respond. If a tutor hasn't replied within a couple of days, we'll get in touch with you to see if we can help you find someone more responsive.

Contact more than one tutor

We recommend contacting a few tutors to have the best chance of finding one who can help. Once you've sent your first message, you'll still be logged in if you have the Tutorfair site open so you won't have to enter your email address again - but if you've left the site, you'll need to log in to view any replies.

Reading your replies

When a tutor sends you a message, you'll get an email with the first few lines of the message and a button to log in and view your replies. You'll also see a red number over the messages icon on the website, whenever you have any unread messages.