Setting multiple addresses is an excellent way to add different locations you are willing to travel to for tuition (e.g. work and home).

If you would like to set up your profile to appear in two different search results, here is what you need to do next: 

1. Underneath your address, select ‘Yes’ for ‘Do you have another address that you would like to list for tutoring?’ 

2. This will produce another address entry 

3. Enter your second address (please note: this must be another UK address and these travel areas cannot overlap) 

4. Choose from the drop down menu underneath your second address what you use this second address for (e.g work, study, home) 

Updating multiple addresses on your map tool

The map tool is an excellent tool where you can highlight exactly where you can go and ensure that you only find the right clients for you!

Please note the map will turn yellow and you will not be able to save it if the area you create is too large. 


In order to complete your map, there a couple of steps you will need to take:

1. Choose from the drop down menu underneath the map the number of miles roughly you're happy to travel

2. This will produce a blue circle around your postcode

3. Click the button which looks like a square with a pen in it

4. This will turn the circle pink with a number of white squares around the edge

5. Click and drag the white squares to show exactly the area you're able to travel to


Alternatively, you can create a custom travel area using the edit icon in the map tool. 

1.  Click the button which looks like a pentagon.  This will allow you to plot points around an area

2.  Plot points to create a shape around the second area you'd like to tutor in

Please make sure that the lines of your two areas do not overlap as you won't be able to save it and make sure you click save on the map and at the bottom right hand corner of the page!

If you'd like to more information and to see more screenshots of the map tool in action, view our support article: “how to set the areas you’ll travel to”