That’s the million-dollar question… Well, not exactly. We think it’s more the £22/hr question: that’s the average price of tutoring in the UK. But you’re not average, of course, and pricing depends on many factors.

Speaking to market researchers, highly experienced tutors and loads of parents, we’ve come up with a basic guide to prices and found that the most important factor for parents is experience.


What level of experience do you have?


- No or very little experience or tutoring. You should normally be qualified at least one level above what you offer to tutor.
- £15-£22 per hour (your earnings: approx £10-£20/hour)

Getting going:

- 50 hours experience: had a few regular clients for several months.
- £22-£35 per hour (your earnings: approx £14-£28/hr)
- At least 2 reviews

Proven success:

- 100 hours experience: a few hours a week, for about a year.
- £30-£40 per hour. (your earnings: approx £25-£32/hr)
- At least 3 reviews

‘Professional tutor’:

- 500 hours experience: full time for 6 months or 10hrs/week for a year.
- £40-£50 (your earnings: approx £32-£40/hr)
- At least 4 reviews

Elite professional:

- 1,000 hours experience: at least 10hrs/week for several years.
- £50-£60 per hour (your earnings: approx £40-£47/hr)
- At least 5 reviews


Full time for several years or 10hrs/week for over 5 years. Charge what works for your business, you should know your market value by now!

What other factors influence price?


Together with experience, personal recommendation is the most important factor for parents (of course, your reviews prove your experience too). Try to get a review from every client who books you - 10 reviews could mean an extra £5 on your hourly rate.

First lessons

Tutors sometimes offer the first lesson cheaper as a trial for the client. With the Tutorfair Guarantee this should not be needed in most cases. However, if you wish to offer a trial lesson, the minimum price is £2.00.  

Specialist knowledge

A large proportion of parents seek tutors for help with a particular Special Educational Need, or a specific exam. Qualified or experienced with SEN? Experienced teaching niche exams like IB, American SATs or certain school entrance papers? You could up your price by £10-£20 an hour, depending on the type of speciality. For entrance exams, parents will expect to see proven results before booking.


Sorry, bagpipe tutors: but parents just aren’t prepared to spend as much on a fun hobby as they are to make sure their children get good enough grades for university. The majority of our bookings are for Maths, English and Science. Core languages are also important, and for specific entrance exams many parents will pay a premium. But music, sport, other extra-curricular activities and adult learning are seen as non-essential - so clients will expect around £10 less per hour.

Your academic results

Once you’ve built up your experience and reviews, this won’t be so important - but tutors with top results from highly respected establishments can enter the market at a higher price. Your clients are parents who set great store by education; the better your university, the more they’ll want you.

Location, location, location

This price guide is for London lessons. In the rest of the country, the averages are around £5 less per hour - but if you’re prepared to travel to remote areas, you may be able to charge more as there will be fewer tutors there.

Teaching qualifications

Mixed reviews on this one: a few parents put more faith in a qualified teacher, but most said it wasn’t a priority factor.

Now prove it!

Once you've set your price, you'll need to get some reviews to prove that you're worth that price. If you're charging premium prices our clients want to know that you're worth it!

Read this helpful article on who can provide a reference