Why do I need to upload a qualification?

Our clients love us because they know that our tutors are the best. Checking your qualifications is one way we guarantee to our clients that they can trust us. And clients love to see qualifications on your profile - it helps them see you know what you are talking about! 

What type of qualifications do I need to verify?    

We don’t ask you to verify every qualification you list on your profile, just your most advanced or most recent academic qualification.

If you have a relevant professional qualification, such as a teaching certificate, it would be helpful to upload this too.

Feel free to upload up to five qualifications for us to check.


What documents count as verifications?

We accept scans of any official certificates from schools or universities that clearly show your name and the type of qualification that was awarded. 

We accept copies of UCAS or university correspondence (e.g. acceptance emails) for students who are currently studying, or haven’t started their course yet. 

We accept both UK and international qualifications. 


Do I need to upload my DBS certificate?

If you have a DBS certificate we would love to see it, but don’t upload it here - we have a separate section for that.

DBS qualifications can be uploaded in the 'apply to go live' section of your account. You see this page at the end of our signup process, or you can view it at any time by clicking the ‘apply to go live’ tab on your tutor dashboard. 

Please note, DBS checks must be enhanced and registered on the update service. 


How do I upload qualifications?

  • It’s very simple! 
  • Take a photo or scan of your qualification, and save it on your computer. Make sure the photo is clear, in focus, and well lit
  • On the ‘edit profile’ page, find the section called ‘upload qualifications’.
  • Click ‘choose a picture’ and choose the scanned document on your computer.
  • Crop the photo if you need to
  • Write a short description of what the qualification is, such as “BA History Degree from York University.” Make sure every qualification you upload has a short description like this.
  • If you need to upload more than one document you can click ‘upload another’ 
  • Save your profile. You’re finished!