Tutorfair is 100% free for tutors and clients to register, create a profile and make/receive bookings.

Tutorfair has a commission on each lesson sold, which varies depending on how many hours the tutor has taught with us.

This commission is calculated as follows: 

Tutorfair HoursCommission rateTutor "take home"


Meaning that after a tutor has completed a total of 100 hours on Tutorfair, they receive a higher proportion of their hourly rate.

When tutors set their price there is a difference between the amount that they receive, and the amount that a client pays. The latter is what is displayed as the hourly rate on a tutor’s profile.


Moving to a new commission level

Once tutors have been paid for 100 Tutorfair hours then the hourly rate that clients pay will remain the same, and the amount that the tutor earns will increase. This will happen for lessons bought from the tutor's profile, and custom prices that tutors have created for clients 


How is the commission calculated?

The commission rate includes Tutorfair's commission on each lesson sold, VAT and 1% donation which goes to the charity foundation. The tutor receives the remainder. 

A full summary can be found here of how we calculate tutor earnings.

 Any tutor referral payments are paid out of the Tutorfair commission. Tutors can also earn extra income by
referring new clients to Tutorfair and recommending other tutors on the platform to clients