We want to make tutoring transparent, affordable and fair.

Because we're online, we can afford to take a much smaller commission than traditional agencies. That means cheaper rates for you and better pay for your tutor - which is exactly how we think it should be!

Every lesson includes a charitable donation to the Tutorfair Foundation, which sends tutors as volunteers into inner-city schools to fulfil our charitable promise.

Our best tutors stay with Tutorfair because they get better rates, more control of their work, whilst contributing to a good cause. We act as an advocate for both our clients and our tutors; if anything ever goes wrong before, during or after a lesson, we are always on hand to make sure that everyone is supported and treated fairly. 

Because all lessons get paid for through the site: unlike other sites where clients pay for tutors' contact details we can rank tutors so you get to see which ones are best. This also means you only pay for the lessons you book.