There are a few steps to take before your profile can be published

You can always come back and edit your profile before going live, so don't be too concerned that every detail has to perfect first time around!


1. Register your account

From the 'Become Tutor' page, your first step is to register an account.


2. Enter profile details

Next, you'll be at a page to fill out information that will show on your profile.

Please note, you won't be able to save this without completing all of the mandatory fields (the ones with an * by them).


Regarding the fact that you need to complete all mandatory fields before saving this page, if, for example, you don't have a profile picture that you can immediately use, then you can always upload another picture, and change it later.


3. Complete your details

We take the security of our clients and tutors seriously, and so each tutor that goes live needs to complete a number of security checks.

This includes an ID verification process that is done via webcam. The technology takes a snapshot of your ID, verifies it, and then takes a picture of your face, to complete a face match check. Some tutors experience issues with this part of the process.


4. Apply to go live

Once you've completed all of this, you will be prompted to apply to go live on the site which will activate once you have completed all compulsory information. Part of this is an agreement to have all of your bookings with clients through Tutorfair, and to not take cash.

Click the "Apply to go live" button for the team to review!