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Why am I not appearing in search results?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 12:21PM GMT

There are a number of possibilities for this. But firstly; some context.

Search results show all tutors that can do a certain subject in a particular location. This is calculated from the following fields on edit profile

Post code and;

How far are you willing to travel?

Let's say you live at 10 Downing Street, SW1A 2AA and can travel for 1 mile, then the locations where you will appear in search results will be within the 1 mile circle below

Tutor search results2


So when you fill in these details on your profile, consider what locations you will appear in. By increasing the radius that you can travel, you will appear in search results for more locations.

That said, it's even better to draw a shape of where you are willing to travel to, so that you appear in only the search results that you want to!

Let's say you live at 10 Downing Street, but don't want to venture south of the River Thames, you would a shape which showed the exact places you'd like to go to, again via edit profile.

Tutor search results3

And you can even do multiple shapes!

Remember to include all places that you're willing to travel to.

Tutor search results4


When I type in my subject, I can't find my profile

Our "default" location if no post code is entered is Buckingham Palace (our assumption is that the Queen is looking for tutoring...). Therefore only tutors who have listed that they can cover the SW1A 1AA area will appear in those results.

Importantly though, you should still appear in search results for areas that you have listed that you can travel to.

Try searching for a subject that you teach in your post code, and you should be within the results.

If you don't appear in search results with correct subject and post code

Then it might mean that the system can't locate your post code. You can check this by seeing the Locations on your profile. If it is blank, then chances are that the system cannot locate your Location.

To resolve: try typing just the first section i.e. SW1A rather than SW1A 2AA. Please also email and we can investigate further.


I'm not on the first page of search results. Why?

Tutors are ranked by a number of measures, to calculate where they appear in search results including availability, response time to clients and repeat bookings.

However, the single best way to go higher is to become a Verified tutor

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