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Top tips to improve your profile

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 05:18PM BST

By following these tips you should have your profile in great shape to get more tutoring on Tutorfair.

Log in to your account, have this page open, and then work through all of the things you need to do to get more work!





Have a few paragraphs that describe your experience, aptitude, and motivation for tutoring, as well as including a bit about what you do for fun. Check other tutor profiles for inspiration, and to avoid confusing your clients, it’s best not to include subjects in your headline.


Sell yourself

Draw a locations area *NEW FEATURE*

Choose exactly what search results you want to appear in by drawing a shape on your map. Head to edit profile to draw it.


Choose where to go


Get started with a low price, then increase with your experience / number of references. Most tutors start around £20 and then find a level they are happy with as they build their profile. You can create individual prices for your clients using Custom Pricing.


Lower to start then increase

Subjects and levels

Add the subjects / levels you’re confident you can teach.  If you can teach up to A-Level, it might be that you can teach GCSE, 11+ etc. as well. You’ll only appear in search results which exactly match what you put in, so include all the levels you’d like to teach. Go to edit profile to add them.


Add as many as possible

References and reviews

This is one of the most important things for a client when booking. A review is feedback from a client who booked you on Tutorfair, and a reference is from one who has not. Get plenty of both to improve your profile! Head to Request references to contact old clients.


More the merrier


We like to make sure all photos accurately portray you, and are of decent quality. Ensure you have a clear, smiling picture of your face, and aim for as high quality as possible.  




If you want bookings, ensure you have at least two available lessons each week. It indicates you are available and also means clients can book you quicker. You can create multiple lessons and stay updated via Availability.


Offer buyable slots, little and often


Respond quickly to messages and you’ll be more likely to get work. Messages are where you communicate with clients, and also where you suggest lessons, which creates a time slot specifically for the client you’re in touch with and makes it easier for clients to book the right lesson with you. Suggest many to get booked up!



Seal the deal

Add resources *NEW FEATURE*

A great way to get more clients is to write resources that show off your expertise: they read it, and message you about work. Add / write these in My resources.  View instructions 


Resources = bookings!

Job Opportunities *NEW FEATURE*

You can take the initiative and respond to requests that clients post on our jobs board. Find one that you’d be willing to tutor, apply with a friendly message, and you can get yourself more work!


Be proactive


If you’re stuck with a customer query that you’re not able to do, then you can refer to another tutor from your message to earn 6% commission. Come to our events and make friends!


Refer others!

Share your profile *NEW FEATURE*

You can personalise your profile by choosing your own URL. This makes makes your URL friendlier to share with others, and is done via Share your profile.




You’ll get paid 7-10 days after your lesson is complete. Enter your bank details in edit account




Be super-quick with your responses by downloading the Tutorfair app!




You also can get personalised advice for your profile by coming along to one of our Fast Track events.

We'll also check your educational certificates and shoot a video for you so that you can also get verified!

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