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How to apply for job opportunities

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 12:24PM BST

Job opportunities give tutors the chance to put themselves forward for work that clients are asking for on the site.


Here's how it works:


Clients post an opportunity

Clients have two ways to post an opportunity

1. When sending an enquiry to another tutor

A client goes to a tutor profile that they like, and leaves a message in the normal way.

There is then the option to amend the message, and to send it as a request to other tutors.


how to apply for tutoring jobs

2. Requesting a tutor

Clients can also put out a general request for a tutor, without needing to message a tutor first:

how to apply for tutoring jobs2


Finding job opportunities

Now, as a tutor, you can apply for the opportunities that have been posted. A chance to go get some work - fantastic!

Once you're logged in, go to the "Opportunities" section.

This shows all of the opportunities that are for subjects you teach, in locations that you're willing to travel to. If the list looks odd to you, you can edit your subjects and location from edit profile to get a better matching.


Applying for opportunities

In this example, the Science (GCSE) opportunity looks great;  Annabel H is happy to travel to Lucy K, or teach over Skype.

She clicks on apply which takes her to a form to fill out more details. A great chance to sell herself and explain to Lucy why she'd be a great tutor.

how to apply for tutoring jobs3


Clients often receive many opportunity requests (though we do our best to manage it so that they don't get overwhelmed), so it's worth giving some thought at this stage.

Including a reference or review from your profile is also a great way to introduce yourself!


Having a conversation

Lucy K will get a notification that someone has responded to her opportunity, and will get in touch accordingly.


Turning the request into work

From this stage, it's important for Sam to be proactive with Christina, so that she can book lessons with him.

This is done by suggesting a lesson for her to buy

Lucy then books the lesson, and everyone was a winner!

Finding more Opportunities

You can always go back to the Opportunities page if you are looking for more tutoring jobs that are relevant to you. There is also a way to browse all of the jobs that have been posted by heading to the tutoring jobs page.

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